Polski A1. Bez problemu!

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Academia Polonica dr Ewy Masłowskiej w składzie: Marzena Jasnos, Ewa Masłowska (redaktor naukowy), Agnieszka Pabiańczyk, Marzena Suska, Anna Tokarska

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“Polish A1. No Problem!” is a comprehensive Polish language course for English-speaking individuals who want to learn Polish at a basic level or refresh their minimal knowledge. No prior knowledge is required to begin learning.

The course consists of 12 lessons containing almost 2500 grammatical and vocabulary exercises, allowing the learning of 1000 words and phrases prepared in the most accessible way possible. Each lesson involves working with dialogues and texts, practicing reading and listening, and developing vocabulary.

The SuperMemo method ensures an optimal pace of repetition for everyone. The course also includes grammatical sections with clear and specific explanations from the authors, supplemented by a series of exercises and consolidation tasks. All course material is recorded by native speakers of Polish, allowing for improved pronunciation in addition to the written language.
After mastering the course content, you will become a beginner user of the language. You will be able to create simple statements in Polish that will be useful in everyday situations. This will allow you to better understand and integrate with the Polish environment. Communication will take place mainly through colloquial expressions and basic vocabulary. You will also be able to have a conversation with native speakers of Polish, provided they speak slowly and clearly. Writing skills will be based on short sentences and popular expressions.

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