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MemoChat w SuperMemo

Meet MemoChat

Learn languages with the AI

Innovative learning method

Discover a modern way of learning foreign languages with MemoChat. Within this feature, you will conduct interactive dialogues in the form of a role-playing game (RPG), making learning an interesting and developmental adventure. Choose from over 20 languages and conversation topics and practice language skills, focusing on key communication elements: writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

  • Ćwicz pisanie z SuperMemo
  • Ćwicz czytanie z SuperMemo
  • Speaking
  • Ćwicz słuchanie - SuperMemo
  • MemoChat - korekta błędów - SuperMemo
    Error Correction
  • MemoChat - tłumaczenia - SuperMemo
Memochat - RPG dialogues in SuperMemo

Practice natural conversations

We know that learning a language is not just about theory and textbook examples, but above all, practice and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a natural language environment. Thanks to the use of advanced artificial intelligence solutions, MemoChat enables immersion in any foreign language through practicing natural conversations.

Whether you want to practice the language in a business context, for travel, or simply have a casual conversation with friends, MemoChat offers flexibility and a variety of topics. Every dialogue is different and entirely depends on the direction in which the user decides to take it.

What options will you find in MemoChat?

MemoChat w SuperMemo

Discover the wide range of options that will enhance your learning during dialogues in MemoChat.

  • Practice: writing, reading, listening, speaking in any language
  • Error correction
  • Response suggestions
  • Adding MemoCards
  • Instant translations
MemoChat - Interactive-dialogue - SuperMemo


Choose any language and conversation topic to start a conversation with artificial intelligence. Embody your role, e.g., a vacation home guest, and try to achieve the conversation’s goal in up to 9 steps. During the dialogue, you can listen to AI statements by clicking the speaker icon. Meanwhile, you can type your lines on the keyboard or use the speech recognition feature, available through the microphone icon.

MemoChat - translation-SuperMemo

Learning assistance

Take advantage of features that make learning with MemoChat effective:

  • Answer suggestions – if you’re unsure of how to respond, click on “Suggestions” to see 3 answers from which you can choose one.
  • Instant translations – translate any artificial intelligence statement or suggestion to better understand the dialogue.
Memochat - Error correction - SuperMemo

Error correction

This feature allows you to receive immediate feedback on mistakes made, helping you understand errors and apply correct forms in the future. Whether it’s grammatical errors, improper vocabulary usage, or spelling issues, MemoChat’s advanced artificial intelligence technology immediately identifies and corrects them. The correct form appears below your response, with elements changed by the correction highlighted in blue.

MemoChat - New words - SuperMemo

Remember new words

Did you encounter words during the dialogue that you want to remember for longer? You can add them to your MemoCards right after the conversation ends. This option allows for quick and efficient learning of new expressions. Add up to 10 words to MemoCards from a single dialogue. By using the SuperMemo spaced repetition method, you ensure lasting memorization of the material and systematic repetition at the perfect intervals.

MemoCards - SuperMemo

What are MemoCards?

In the SuperMemo app, you will find a tool for creating MemoCards, a type of flashcards. You can add your own MemoCards by entering questions and answers, and optionally attaching images or sound files to enhance the memorization process. All MemoCards – both those created manually and those added after a dialogue in MemoChat – go into your private My MemoCards course.

A new dimension of learning

Conversing with MemoChat is a unique experience that allows me to test my acquired knowledge in practice and practice likely situations and challenges I might face while traveling abroad or working in an international environment.

Moreover, the advanced artificial intelligence technologies used in MemoChat enable it to respond and adapt to my statements, making each conversation unique, with any errors or mistakes being corrected immediately.