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Start learning a foreign language tailored to your needs. On the way to work, waiting in line, during a break, or on a park bench – you choose where and when you’ll get to know a new language. Download the SuperMemo app to your smartphone or tablet, or learn using a web browser. Online learning is a pleasant and straightforward way to get to know a foreign language – just 15 minutes a day is enough to see results. All thanks to the proven method of intelligent repetitions and professionally designed courses that allow for effective memorization.

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Explore the world of foreign languages

Knowledge of foreign languages is not only a passion but also an essential tool, useful in many areas of our lives. From traveling, career development, to understanding other cultures – knowing foreign languages opens up a host of new opportunities for us. Discover why it’s worth starting your language learning journey online with the SuperMemo app.

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Learning tailored to your needs

With SuperMemo, you decide for yourself where and when you learn a new language. Additionally, in the app, you’ll find many options that will allow you to adjust your learning to your needs.

  • Define your goal, such as the number of cards to study daily and the repetition limit.
  • Add your own cards and notes during the course.
  • Choose from our diverse offer, where you will find grammar courses, vocabulary, business language, as well as specialized courses for those preparing for exams and certificates.

What features will you find in the app?

  • Spaced repetition – a special algorithm allows you to repeat material at the optimal time for the brain, enhancing memory retention. This pioneering method was developed by the SuperMemo team and continues to be developed and refined.
  • MemoChat – enables you to practice natural conversations in a foreign language through interactive dialogues with artificial intelligence.
  • Learning plan – customize your language learning to suit your needs and time availability.
  • User leaderboard – regular learning with the app means you earn more points and climb the leaderboard, providing extra motivation for those who enjoy a bit of competition.
  • Statistics and progress tracking – in the SuperMemo app, you can continuously observe your development with available statistics from the last 7 days of learning and overall progress in foreign language acquisition.
  • AI Assistant – your private tutor who can immediately clear up any doubts you have during the course. Ask for explanations, translations, examples, or any other language-related issue you’re studying.

Invest in effective learning

The SuperMemo method is based on an innovative approach that combines scientifically proven memorization techniques with modern technologies. The key element is a repetition system based on an algorithm that adjusts the learning schedule to the user’s predispositions. Among the latest solutions are features based on several technologies related to artificial intelligence. Using the SuperMemo method allows for quick and effective mastery of a foreign language, tailored to the individual pace and learning style of each user.

  • Inteligentne powtórki SuperMemo
  • MemoChat
  • Plan nauki SuperMemo
  • Leaderboard
  • Statystyki SuperMemo
  • Asystent AI w czasie nauki.
    AI Assistant
Korzyści z nauki z aplikacją SuperMemo

Benefits of learning with the app

Start learning languages in a modern and convenient way. Thanks to SuperMemo, even a short break or waiting in line can be turned into a moment for skill development. What will you gain while learning with this app?

  • Up to 100% retained information, thanks to the effective method of spaced repetition.
  • Overcoming language barriers and increased fluency while speaking.
  • Greater motivation to learn: the app contains features that encourage regular study.
  • Multimedia, diverse exercises: images, photos, native speaker recordings, speech recognition (STT) are just a few of the solutions used in SuperMemo courses.
  • Latest solutions: we continuously develop our app and introduce new features, such as the AI Assistant, which support learning and make it even more effective.
SuperMemo - czas na naukę

Discover a unique way to practice a foreign language

Complete a language challenge with MemoChat, a new feature available in SuperMemo. This is your first opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign language through interactive dialogs in a role-playing game style. Take on roles, engage in conversations on various topics, and try to achieve the goal of the dialog. Each conversation is a unique experience in practicing a foreign language. All thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, which dynamically adapts to your statements. Develop all the skills necessary in the language learning process, such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening.