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Choose from almost 300 high-quality courses to learn up to 25 foreign languages. You’ll find something for yourself regardless of your proficiency level and goal, whether it’s expanding your vocabulary or practicing grammar.

You can test the skills acquired during the courses in practice with MemoChat. Various conversation topics await you, which you’ll conduct with the help of AI. Suggestions for responses, instant translations, error correction, and adding MemoCards directly after the dialogue are just some of the features available in it.

Check out our online language courses or create your own and share them with other users for free! Permanently memorize thousands of words, phrases, and rules using the globally acclaimed SuperMemo intelligent repetition method. If you have any doubts, an AI Assistant is there to help you with explanations, translations, or providing more examples.

  • Prawie 300 kursów w ofercie SuperMemo.
    nearly 300 courses
  • Wybierz dowolne z 24 języków obcych do nauki.
    25 languages
  • MemoChat
  • Wystarczy 15 minut dziennie nauki.
    15 minutes a day
  • Twórz własne kursy.
    your own courses
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With the SuperMemo app, you can use it anywhere on your favorite device. Choose the app for Android or iOS, or access it through the web browser on your computer.


Learn a new language wherever and whenever you want – on a bus, waiting in line, relaxing in a park, or on the couch. No matter how many devices you’re learning on, your progress will automatically sync.


See quick results!


Make use of the latest features in the app, and your learning will be even more effective and enjoyable. Monitor your progress in the user rankings and see how much you’re remembering, thanks to current statistics. Check it out now!

SuperMemo spaced
repetition method

Supermemo method

Do you want to master a foreign language effectively, once and for all? Learn with the SuperMemo method. We were the first to use the spaced repetition system to facilitate language learning using a computer. We are a unique source of research and development in this field.

Our original algorithm will find the optimal moment to repeat the material. A few minutes of learning per day with our application is enough to memorize thousands of words, facts and rules in less time than with classical methods. Thanks to this, you can achieve your language goals faster and more effectively!

Dialogi RPG z ChatGPT

Interactive dialogs with artificial intelligence

Discover MemoChat and take on a language challenge with this unique feature available in SuperMemo. This is the first opportunity of its kind to immerse yourself in a foreign language through interactive dialogues in a role-playing game (RPG) style.

Role-play in various situations, engage in diverse conversations, and try to achieve the dialogue’s goal. Each conversation offers a unique experience in practical foreign language learning, all thanks to the use of artificial intelligence that dynamically adapts to your responses.

You will love learning with SuperMemo!

Really good app. It taught me perseverance and commitment. A few minutes a day is enough to see results.


It might be one of the best paid apps for learning languages. A great system of intelligent repetitions, varied and sometimes very creative exercise mechanisms, with a strong emphasis on everyday phrases.


A simple but very effective method. Just a few weeks later I started to know many words while watching foreign language films.


I highly recommend it! Great repetition algorithm. If I start learning another language, it’s definitely with SuperMemo!


It’s been almost a year now with SuperMemo. The repetition method doesn’t let go. Never before have I been learning so regularly. Thanks to your app I overcame my fear and broke the language barrier.


SuperMemo awards

  • Reimagine Education
    Awards 2020

  • BETT
    Awards 2020

  • The London Book Fair 2018
    International Excellence Awards

  • Education Resources
    Awards 2018

  • GESS Education
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  • BETT
    Awards 2017