MemoTranslator, the Simultaneous Translator – A New Feature by SuperMemo

Need quick translations while traveling? Or maybe you want to communicate with foreigners more easily? Whatever your reason, you can take advantage of the latest feature – the simultaneous translator, MemoTranslator, based on several artificial intelligence technologies.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the simultaneous translator function in SuperMemo and learn how this innovative feature can change the way we learn foreign languages.

How does the MemoTranslator work?

The simultaneous translator is a new feature in the SuperMemo app that allows for the automatic translation of any message into a selected language from dozens available. This function utilizes advanced natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies to provide quick and accurate translations. This allows users to easily absorb new vocabulary or understand content in foreign languages without the need for dictionaries or other apps.

The SuperMemo translator offers a wide selection of languages, including different variants of the same language (e.g., American English, British English, or Australian English). It is a tool that opens the door to global communication and enables efficient foreign language learning anywhere and anytime. The feature also allows for easy addition of new expressions and vocabulary to one’s MemoCards. This makes it easy to return to them and learn through the method of intelligent repetitions.

How to use the translator?

You can find the translator in the “My Learning” tab, by clicking this icon:

The next step is to select the language you want to translate from and the target language for the translation. There are even dozens of languages to choose from. Among them are the most popular ones, such as English, German, French, or Spanish, as well as known ones like Arabic, Danish, or Malay.

Click the microphone to record your statement, which will be converted into text, or type the message using the keyboard.

If new words appear during the translation that you want to remember, click “Add MemoCard” and adjust it to your needs. The default option is to add the entire sentence, but you can easily modify it to save only the selected word.

Example uses of MemoTranslator

The simultaneous translator in SuperMemo offers many practical applications that facilitate the foreign language learning process and even the daily life of users. Here are a few examples of how this feature can be utilized:

  1. Translating any sentences and words that come to mind while learning with a course. In this situation, it’s also worth using the option to listen to the message or adding a MemoCard, to then learn new vocabulary through the method of intelligent repetitions.
  2. Using one app, instead of switching to another, to use the instant translation feature.
  3. While traveling to a country where a different language is spoken, the simultaneous translator can be an invaluable tool. From quickly translating information or messages about transport, to shopping and finding directions to a specific destination. The translator significantly eases navigation in a foreign environment.
  4. During a conversation with a foreigner who speaks a completely unknown language to us. In the translator, we can first record our statement, which will be translated, after which our interlocutor listens to it and records a response in their own language. In this way, an entire conversation can be conducted to effectively communicate abroad.

These examples show the wide possibilities of using the simultaneous translator in SuperMemo in various life situations and during foreign language learning. This feature becomes not only an educational tool but also practical support, e.g., during vacations or business trips.