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Italiano con Memo il Drago 1

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Italiano con Memo il Drago 1 is an Italian language course for children aged 4-6 years. In a fantastic adventure with Memo the Dragon, a well-known character popular with youngsters, your child will learn 100 of the most important Italian words in an enjoyable way based on animations. And thanks to the SuperMemo method, which is famous for its effectiveness, they will remember them for good.

The Italian course Italiano con Memo il Drago 1 was designed for the youngest learners. The course consists of 10 colourful, animated boards presenting Italian words in a humorous way. Learning Italian with Memo the Dragon not only educates but also stimulates the imagination! There are basic Italian phrases covering colours, numbers, animals and toys as well as other elements from your child's everyday life.

The course also includes 200 interactive exercises. They allow you to test your child's language skills and consolidate the material through play. After each exercise, the SuperMemo method determines the time of the next repetition at the optimal moment, thanks to which learning brings real results!

Memo the Dragon can teach children Italian in Polish, English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese and Italian.

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