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Hello! Svenska

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Author: Natalia Wajda
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Master the Swedish basics quickly and in a friendly way! Hello! Svenska will let you learn Swedish from scratch in less than two months. In this short time, you will learn over 500 of the most useful Swedish phrases.

Your learning can be even more effective! Helpful in this will be the SuperMemo method, known all over the world, which will optimize the time for repeating the acquired material for the most effective mastering of it forever.

Hello! Svenska is a fully picture-based course. Illustrations support the process of memorizing and enable learning without the need for translation into your native language. Working with the course, you will learn basic Swedish phrases that will allow you to communicate with the Swedes. In Hello! Svenska, you will find as many as 70 frequently encountered communication situations.

All of the most useful Swedish phrases are recorded by Swedish native speakers, thanks to which you will learn the proper pronunciation of words from the very beginning. Speech Recognition also allows you to improve your speech through practice. With this course, in a very short time, you will master the basics of Swedish without a problem!

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