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Chinese Reading and Writing 4

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Chinese Reading and Writing 4 is the fourth book in the Chinese Reading and Writing series.

Chinese Reading and Writing series is structured around Chinese characters. It focuses on building words upon known characters, and provides adequate exercises of sentences and paragraphs for students to develop their Chinese reading and writing skills. 

The complete series teaches a total of 320 Chinese characters, 1,299 words and combinations. This is where SuperMemo cards are created, specifically for students to practice Chinese character recognitions and word recognitions, and to help them connect the sounds of characters with the forms efficiently and effectively. 

Each card contains one Chinese character or one word/combination. The answer is in audio format, reading out how the character or the word/combination is pronounced. All the recordings are done by native-Chinese speakers.  

For students, to read and answer each card takes about a few seconds. They can also use the speech recognition function (available only in the mobile app) to further practice. Moreover, they can add their own notes to each card and therefore tailor these cards according to their own needs. 

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Chinese Reading and Writing 4 cards includes 50 Chinese characters and 222 words and combinations, which are introduced in five units, Lesson 16, Lesson 17, Lesson 18, Lesson 19 and Lesson 20.