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Achieve English proficiency with SuperMemo’s advanced courses


Learn about the advanced English courses offered by SuperMemo and how to choose the right course for yourself.

Advanced English with SuperMemo

For years, SuperMemo has been helping users worldwide to learn languages effectively. Thanks to modern teaching methods based on the intelligent repetition algorithm and other innovative tools, learners can achieve language proficiency. Our advanced English courses are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding users who want to refine their language skills at an expert level.

SuperMemo’s advanced courses not only expand vocabulary and grammar but also focus on applying the language in practical, real-world situations that may occur at work, in studies, or during international travels. Whether your goal is to prepare for an international language certificate or simply to converse freely on advanced topics, SuperMemo offers tools that will help you achieve these goals.

How to choose the right advanced English course for yourself?

  1. Assess your current language level:
    Before choosing a course, you need to realistically assess your current level of language knowledge. SuperMemo offers placement tests that will help you determine which course to start. Your skills will be assessed on the CEFR scale, from levels A1 to C2.
  2. Define your learning goal:
    Consider what you want to achieve through language learning. Is your goal to improve communication skills, prepare for an exam, expand vocabulary, or acquire specialized language skills needed at work? Your goals will influence the choice of the right course. In the SuperMemo course catalogue, you will find a “Learning purpose” filter, which will make searching even easier.
  3. Take advantage of a free month of Premium subscription:
    If you are still unsure whether the chosen course will meet your expectations or you want to try learning from multiple courses at once, take advantage of the trial period offered by SuperMemo. This will allow you to test the course or courses for free and decide whether to purchase or continue using the Premium subscription.

What advanced English courses can you find at SuperMemo?

SuperMemo offers a rich array of advanced English courses, perfectly tailored to the needs of learners at a high level. Here are some of them:

  1. Olive Green – An interactive English course based on an action movie, which helps develop language skills through advanced dialogues. This course covers levels from A1 to C1 and allows for comprehensive development of language skills. To start learning at a higher advanced level with this course, watch movie scenes from lower levels without doing the tasks. Begin the exercises only when you reach your level.
  2. English C1. No Problem! for Polish speakers – A comprehensive C1 level course that enables the acquisition of advanced thematic topics, diverse vocabulary, discussing plans, arrangements, speculations, and formulating personal opinions.
  3. Extreme English – Courses in this series are aimed at those who want to perfect their English vocabulary at an advanced level. There are 2 courses to choose from: “Extreme English: Advanced” (level C1) and “Extreme English: Proficiency” (level C2).
  4. English Grammar – Allows you to delve into advanced grammatical constructions used in everyday English as well as in media, business, or the academic world.
  5. Say It Better – Exercises in American and British pronunciation that help you work on your accent.
  6. Courses preparing for language exams and certificates:

Now you know which advanced English course to choose to fully meet your language needs and goals!