How to start learning with a course? 5 easy steps

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You already have a SuperMemo course but don’t know where to start your adventure with a new foreign language? From this article, you will learn how to smoothly kick off your learning and discover features that will assist you during this process.

Step 1. Get to know the “My Learning” tab

You will find all your courses in the “My Learning” tab. This is where you will begin your daily learning with SuperMemo. Here, you can check your progress in every course you have started, as well as the number of repetitions and new cards that are scheduled for today.

My Learning tab

By clicking on the three dots next to any course, you will find additional options such as “Reset the matrix to defeault”, “Reset your progress”, and for some, also “Download PDF” or “Download MP3”, thanks to which you will gain recordings and an electronic version of the textbook for a given course.

Step 2. Navigation during learning

Enter the chosen course. At the top of the screen, you will see three symbols with numbers assigned to them. The first symbolizes repetitions, the middle one – new material from the course, and the third – drills.

Then, at the bottom of your screen, after clicking “Check“, you will see three buttons that will help you determine your knowledge of a given word or phrase: DON’T KNOW, ALMOST, KNOW.

In drills, words and phrases will appear, next to which you click “Don’t know” or “Almost”. This way, after familiarizing yourself with new words or going through a repetition session, you can return once more to the material that you don’t fully remember and consolidate it in your memory. Repetitions (also called intelligent repetitions) are small portions of course material that you repeat at the optimal moment, chosen by the SuperMemo algorithm. They will appear only after a few days of learning new material.

navigation during the course

Remember that you can disable a particular card from repetitions if you find it too easy and already remember it well. Simply, when this card is displayed, click on the dropdown menu (three dots in the upper right corner of the screen) and select the option “Disable repetitions“. The selected card will no longer appear in your repetitions.

Step 3. Take advantage of additional options

Courses in SuperMemo offer many additional options and tools that help learners acquire knowledge effectively. Here are some of these options:

AI Assistant: In the SuperMemo app, you can use the help of an intelligent AI Assistant, which provides users with quick answers to any questions related to learning. The assistant’s icon appears after clicking the “Check” option in a task. Just enter any question, for example, about grammar explanation, other examples, or the translation of a phrase.

Dictionary: allows quick checking of translations of words, and even entire phrases. Highlight a piece of text in a task, and the dictionary icon will appear on the left side of the screen, allowing you to quickly translate the selected expression. You can also click the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and choose the “Dictionary” option.

Adding MemoCards: Users can create their own MemoCards, containing questions and answers, and also attach audio files or images to enrich their content.

Step 4. Remember regularity

Achieving proficiency in learning a foreign language requires commitment and regularity. Whether you are learning a language for professional purposes, travel, or pure pleasure, systematic study is the key to success.

Interestingly, short but regular learning sessions are often more effective than long, but not very systematic periods of intensive learning. Therefore, it is worth establishing a study plan that can be easily implemented in your daily life.

You can monitor your progress in the “My Learning” section (next to each course you will see a progress bar) or in the “Statistics > Plan” tab, where you will find the number of days needed to complete the course.

Step 5. Test your knowledge in practice

Testing your skills in practice is a key element of language learning. It’s a process that helps us understand how effectively we can communicate in real-life situations. This opportunity is provided by MemoChat, a feature available in the SuperMemo app. MemoChat allows you to have conversations with artificial intelligence in any foreign language, on a variety of topics. It’s important to emphasize that MemoChat is not just a tool for testing knowledge, but also for improving it. Each conversation is a chance to learn new vocabulary, improve grammar, and gain confidence in communication.

You can read more about MemoChat here.

Now you know the 5 simple steps that will help you start learning with any SuperMemo language course without any problems. Daily repetitions, conversations with MemoChat, adding MemoCards, and using available options such as the dictionary or AI Assistant help will make your learning more satisfying and effective. We believe that using our app will help you achieve all your language learning goals!