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Discover MemoChat: immerse yourself in a role and practice conversations in your chosen language with unique RPG dialogues

From this post, you will learn about language immersion, one of the methods of foreign language learning, and get to know the latest feature – MemoChat, which will help you practice free, natural conversations in many languages.

What is language immersion? It’s a technique that involves surrounding yourself with a particular language to the extent that it becomes an integral part of everyday life. It’s not just learning at school or from a textbook, but also immersing in the language through various daily activities, such as conversations, writing, watching movies, reading books, listening to podcasts, and even thinking in that language. Regular use of a language is ultimately the best way to achieve fluency in speaking.

Introduce the method of language immersion into your daily life and test your language skills in practice with the feature available in SuperMemo.

Get to know MemoChat

One of the latest ways to immerse yourself in any foreign language is learning with MemoChat. This is the first opportunity to learn through interactive dialogues in the style of a role-playing game (RPG). How does it work? Your task is to take on a role and conduct a conversation in such a way as to achieve a specific dialogue goal. Each conversation is a unique experience of learning a foreign language in practice, all thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, which dynamically adapts to your statements.

Using this feature, you practice natural conversations on various topics, where you use key skills influencing language proficiency: writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

You will find the feature in the web application and mobile apps for the Android and iOS system by clicking on the Dialogues tab.

MemoChat dialogues

What does learning with MemoChat offer?

  1. You practice conversations in one of several foreign languages, at the basic (A1-A2), intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced (C1-C2) levels.
  2. You choose from 60 conversation topics. Among them, you’ll find dialogues taking place at the airport, in restaurants, hotels, work, and at home. This way, you can practice conversations in a foreign language in various life situations and prepare well, for example, for a business trip or upcoming vacations.
  3. You develop all the skills necessary for good command of a foreign language: writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Tools such as a speech synthesizer and Whisper (speech recognition) assist you in this.
  4. At any moment, you can get support in the form of translations, error corrections, or sentence suggestions that can help you if you’re unsure of how to proceed in the dialogue. These additional functionalities within MemoChat make learning convenient and enjoyable, as you don’t need to use a dictionary and can immediately see what needs more work to avoid making the same mistakes.
  5. At the end, you receive feedback on how you did in the task. This lets you know what you have mastered well and what still needs to be repeated.
  6. You learn new vocabulary tailored to the chosen dialogue topic. If words appear during the conversation that you don’t yet know or want to remember better, you can add them to your MemoCards immediately after the conversation ends (up to 10 terms from a single dialogue). This allows you to return to them later and learn them using the intelligent repetition method.

MemoChat usage limits

All the possibilities offered by MemoChat can be fully explored only with an active Premium subscription.

Below, we outline the extent to which users without a subscription and those with an active Premium subscription can use this feature.

Users without an active Premium subscription can:

  • Go through any 2 dialogues per day.
  • Listen to one voice response from AI in each of these two dialogues.
  • Use the speech recognition function only in these two dialogues.

Users with an active Premium subscription can:

  • Use MemoChat without the limit of 2 dialogues per day.
  • Listen to 1,000 AI voice responses per month.
  • Use the speech recognition function for 11,000 seconds (about 3 hours) per month.

We encourage you to try out this feature and practice natural, dynamic conversations in the language you are currently learning. This way, language immersion will be even easier, and you will be well-prepared for real interactions abroad and more!

Test all the capabilities of MemoChat after activating a Premium subscription.