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Text To Speech already available on iOS

The SuperMemo app for iOS devices got a new feature in its functionality – speech synthesis (Text To Speech) which you can use in the private courses and MemoCards.

How can you activate TTS on your device?

Access any private course (or your MemoCards) on your iOS device and click the gear icon in the upper menu. When the list is expanded, select "Speech Synthesis Beta". In the new window switch the play the question/answer option on and pick the language to be used to read questions and answers in your chosen course. You do not have to select both – if you prefer to hear just one or another, check the only one box. Having selected the language, decide whether to apply the changes to just one card or the entire course, then confirm with Save. If later you want to disable speech synthesis, simply uncheck the right box or boxes.

Text To Speech is available for the SuperMemo app on devices running iOS 10.0 and higher.

Now, you are able to learn more effectively and be sure about the correctness of your pronunciation!