apps for Android, iOS and PC Windows apps for Android, iOS and PC Windows

The online platform has now been supplemented with a set of applications for PC Windows, and mobile Android and iOS devices, thus marking a starting point of the fully-equipped, brand new learning ecosystem powered by the SuperMemo method. With apps, you can learn both online and offline, and transfer your learning between devices at no extra charge.

The online service continues to be the hub for storing your learning data. Once you have downloaded the apps from Google PlayApp Store or our website (PC Windows), simply subscribe to a course of your choice using the in-app catalogue (available for Android and iOS) or download your courses from online that you have already subscribed to and synchronize (available for all three apps). After that, you are ready to learn anytime on the go! When you learn using your different devices, your learning progress will be synchronized automatically – just make sure you have access to the Internet for the synchronization process to run seamlessly in the background.

This is a premiere launch of the apps that with time will be supplemented with new features, such as adding user’s own MemoCards and notes, access to online dictionaries etc. Watch this space for information on how the applications develop.

We hope you will enjoy the full experience.