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Your first online SuperMemo:

Nowa aplikacja online oraz strona SuperMemo

With the rapid growth of the world wide web, it became obvious long ago that SuperMemo will capitalize on the power of on-line technologies. It also became only a question of time for a pure on-line variety of SuperMemo to emerge. Begun in 1999 as the 3GEMS Project, originally with mobile phones in mind, adds to the range of your options on how to use SuperMemo. The arrival of XML learning data exchange format for SuperMemo will only add to its power

What is is an online mutation of SuperMemo. It frees SuperMemo from the dependence on the operating system, device, location, etc. You can sign up today and see for yourself. You will discover the wide variety of subjects that you can already learn with

Features can be used for many different forms of learning, such as individual and group learning, self-learning and supervised learning. Users can develop advanced, multi-unit courses as well as simple tests. can be used by corporations, schools, universities, and by individuals. Because of its modular structure, can be customized to any needs.

  • Core module: this is the central part of the system, containing all the essential mechanisms to support interaction, presentation, and learning. The core module includes course editing and sharing functionality (used by coaches in supervised learning), and support for the analysis of individual and group progress statistics
  • Advanced user module: this module allows individual users to create and edit courses. Each user can develop their own knowledge base containing the information that they consider important to their career, their education, or their personal life
  • Communication module: this module supports the exchange of information between the users of a course. Discussion groups and chat-rooms encourage users to form virtual communities of people interested in mastering a particular subject
  • Mobile learning module: thanks to this module, can be used by people who are always on the move, often without permanent access to the Internet. Offering a wide range of access options, such as e-mail, WAP- or i-mode-enabled mobile phones, or laptop computers, can be used conveniently and cost-effectively
  • Administration module: this module makes it possible to accomplish various technical tasks, such as managing user access privileges, configuring the learning environment, or collecting statistics which can be used to improve the system.

Benefits can be used for group learning as well as individual learning. The two forms of education can be applied concurrently: users can use as their personal learning tool at the same time as they participate in a group training program. offers the following functionality to companies and institutions: 

  • simple ways to develop comprehensive multimedia courses 
  • workgroups and knowledge sharing 
  • advanced analysis of the learning process 
  • ability to carry out product training, complement traditional forms of training (such as hybrid training, pre-assessment training, and follow-up training), complement corporate knowledge distribution systems, implement academic or corporate knowledge bases, conduct remote examinations and tests

Individual users can take advantage of the following features: 

  • wide selection of free and paid courses 
  • ability to build personal knowledge bases and learn from them using the SuperMemo method 
  • mobile learning, including learning via e-mail 
  • personalized learning process adjusted to individual aptitude and initial knowledge


If you would like to implement a universal, platform-independent, reliable and cheap learning solution in your company, institution or country, write to We seek publishers, authors, portals, and training companies ready to capitalize on the growing power of See some exemplary implementations (incl. the largest Polish internet portal running courses based on SuperMemo)