The Repeat mode is getting more and more attention from our users. Here are some more questions that we have been asked. We hope that our replies will be helpful for you.

Question 1:

Every new day starts with …the same item/s from day one in REPEAT mode, and they just keep piling up! Where’s the SRS algorithm?

Answer: Spacing consists in intervals getting longer and longer for items remembered successfully.

Question 2:

how could I skip or eliminate the items which I had known or I’ve already learned from REPEAT mode?

Answer: Currently there’s no way in to eliminate cards selectively from repetitions once they started. We do consider introducing such an option in the future. Please note however, that if you grade your response “I know” each time on a given card, it will roughly take on average only about 5 repetitions for the interval for this card to reach 1 year, so your item will quickly disappear from repetitions anyway, and only 8-10 repetitions per human lifetime.

Question 3:

is it possible to manually control and change timing for the successive repetitions?

Answer: No, it’s not possible. We do consider introducing such an option in the future.