Text search in all courses at SuperMemo.com

Text search in all courses at SuperMemo.com

Most SuperMemo courses consist of a significant number of pages that you may want to browse through to find a word or explanation without following the default order of pages in a given course. For this reason, we have come up with a simple text search tool that you can use in all courses available at SuperMemo.com.

To start your search, press CTRL+F or go to the top bar, open the dropdown menu and click on SEARCH.

A small pop-up will appear right under the top bar.

match case

Type in the word that you want to find and either press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon. For example, let’s type “house”.


There has been 6 hits for the word “house” in the “Français Extrême : Élémentaire” course. The first page the word has been found on is now displayed, with the words highlighted in yellow (also the French equivalent).

If you want to browse through the remaining 5 hits, you can use the arrows next to the magnifying glass.

You can also run a case-sensitive search by checking the “Match case” option under the search field.

To close the search tool, click on the “x” icon next to the arrows.

We hope this new feature will make your learning with SuperMemo.com even more comfortable.