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Are you looking for an English course for your children or young students that is both effective AND amusing? Check out our Young Learners courses!

What is the Young Learners series?

The Young Learners series consist of three interactive English courses, dedicated to three different age groups: Start with English for ages 7-8, Move with English for ages 9-10, and Fly with English for ages 11-12. The courses’ aim is to prepare their young students for the international Cambridge English: Young Learners test on all levels.

Why do kids love Young Learners courses from SuperMemo?

  • They listen to British native speakers and get used to natural English pronunciation
  • The course exercises are diversified and adjusted to learner age
  • Their learning is based on discovery, fun and play, and never gets boring!
  • The spaced-repetition method is very effective in letting each learner experiences continual progress at their own pace

Young Learners courses structure

Children learn and memorise up to 550 words, as well as 60 structures and grammar topics, by interacting with 45 gripping and entertaining animated scenes, illustrated with recordings made by British native speakers. All three courses together include more than 2 300 interactive exercises accompanying the scenes. Each chapter contains grammar explanations with sample dialogues and sentences which put grammar rules into context.

Preparing to take the Cambridge Young Learners exam

The courses were designed for self-study of grammar and vocabulary in preparation for the Cambridge YLE exams. Their learning content meets new Cambridge guidelines (in effect from January 2018). Each course contains two mock exams (there are six in total) which can be taken an unlimited number of times. However, we advise to take it twice – before and after completing the course – in order to see the student’s learning progress.

Methods of learning

The SuperMemo Young Learners series can be used for self-study as well as in the classroom. The optimal way to learn is to do it chronologically, following the default outline of the books and online courses. It is also possible to choose any given topic from the table of contents and start from that point or to jump back and forth within the course.


Our Young Learners courses are available both in print, as three colourful books, and online, for the following platforms: the website and a PC Windows app, as well as Android and iOS mobile Apps.

The best results are obtained by learning simultaneously from a book and online. The books accompanying our courses include types of exercises unavailable online (such as open questions and crosswords, among others), and as such provide the learner with further practice and a way to consolidate the entirety of the material.

Let your children learn and play at the same time, and the results will be beyond anything you ever expected. Have fun!

The SuperMemo Team