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The new online app and SuperMemo website are now available!

The new online app and SuperMemo website

At SuperMemo, we strive to continuously improve your language learning experience. We’ve spent the last few months on one of our biggest projects, and after hundreds of hours of work, we’re ready to present you with the results – a new version of the SuperMemo website and browser-based language-learning app.

Our main goal with this project was to improve the user experience and learning efficiency. As a result, using the new version of the SuperMemo website and app will become even more enjoyable, and learning – more effective.

Check the latest version of the SuperMemo app and take your learning experience to a whole new level.

What does it mean for you?

New user interface

Once you enter the My Learning tab, you’ll be greeted by a brand-new user dashboard where you’ll find the most important features of the app. With a single click, you can explore the catalog, check your learning plan, view statistics, and access courses in your library.

Old user interface
New user interface
New user interface

New section – Drill

In the SuperMemo app, you’ll now find a separate section called Drill, which allows you to repeat new material easier than before. Previously, the vocabulary you didn’t know appeared in the Repeat tab, together with the previous day’s material – but from now on, the new material will be separated.


Speech recognition and synthesis feature

We added new speech recognition and synthesis features that will allow you to record your answers and automatically compare them with those defined in selected courses in browsers that support this feature, including Google Chrome.

Speech recognition feature
Speech recognition feature

Enhanced Course Editor

Those of you who use our proprietary algorithm to learn their own material through private courses will now be able to use the intuitive Course Editor, where you can play answers and questions in any language, as well as record your answer and automatically compare them with those in the course.

Old Course Editor
New Course Editor – new navigation bar now features a new, clean interface, with the navigation bar at the top of the page for all users, not just those logged in as it was in the past. The menu structure was also changed to allow access to the most important parts of the site with just a few clicks.

Old navigation bar
New navigation bar

Better responsiveness of the website and app

Both the SuperMemo website and online app are also more responsive, allowing any user to learn comfortably – regardless of the device they’re using.

What can you expect in the future?

The SuperMemo app was built using new technologies that will allow us to develop it in the future and add features that will further increase your motivation to learn and reach a new level.

In the coming months, we also plan to work on mobile apps for Android and iOS, striving to improve the user experience across all platforms.

Start using the new app

Click here to go to the new SuperMemo app and continue your learning today.