On the future of the SuperMemo.com business model

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Thank you all for your first remarks and enquiries regarding beta SuperMemo.com. Apart from other things, we will also use this blog to comment on general issues arising from your messages. Here’s the first one.

This looks very nice indeed! Some questions. I’ve already been learning basic Spanish from Supermemo UX. This course seems similar to the UX version. Would it be possible to import my learning to the online version? There are different supermemo versions now. The older windows version, supermemo UX, supermemo.net and now this one. What is the future plan for these? Suppose I’d want to run this from my phone. It would be nice to have a feel for its data use (mobile costs).

As announced in the opening article, we are going to support the transition from various SuperMemo platforms and applications to SuperMemo.com.

Still, for those of you who are considering investing your time in learning from our ready courses or creating your own content for memorization, it is worthwhile to give you a hint about the business model we are planning to introduce at SuperMemo.com. Please note that the information below describes our current mindset and may change.

In short, we think of SuperMemo.com as a freemium subscription service. The free part of it will comprise some of the ready language courses supplied by SuperMemo, including the SuperMemo dictionary, and all MemoCard collections created or published by the users. Paid access will apply to premium courses provided by SuperMemo, advanced user options as well as group and reporting tools designed for schools and teachers. A flat monthly subscription fee is planned to open access to all premium courses.

We are currently working on 3 apps: for Android, iOS and Windows PC. These will allow for seamless synchronization of your learning and content with SuperMemo.com while in the range of WiFi, as well as fully functional offline learning. Apps will be available for free and will allow access to all courses available in your SuperMemo.com online account.

All your repetitions, including those initialized in premium courses, are planned to be continued, scheduled and accessible at SuperMemo.com regardless of the status of your subscription.

Now, when so many courses are available for free, go ahead and learn as much as possible 🙂

Krzysztof Biedalak, CEO