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In the app we decided to coin and use a new MemoCard term. What we mean by MemoCard is a chunk of information, usually in the form of a question and an answer, used for memorizing in the process of repetition optimized by SuperMemo.

You can easily create such items yourself using the Add MemoCard icon in the top line and have SuperMemo organize the process of repetition to minimize the time you spend on learning and to maximize the retention effect. See Effective learning: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge for hints on how to formulate knowledge to accelerate learning.

supermemo memocards

Traditionally, in SuperMemo we have been using terms like items, cards or pages, which all have a very broad meaning in general language. In other programs that follow the spaced repetition approach proposed by SuperMemo, such chunks of knowledge are often called flashcards. This term is still strongly associated with two-sided cards, often physical, used for random or poorly optimized reviewing. We think MemoCard is a very intuitive way of calling simple pieces of information composed of text and media, formulated for accelerated memorizing and learning through well-planned repetition.

Watch this short video to see how you can create MemoCards:

The SuperMemo Team