Descriptions of sounds in the Say it Better series

Descriptions of sounds in the Say it Better series

Users of English pronunciation courses can now benefit from additional content!

In the introduction to the course, we present a list of the speech organs, as well as the general characteristics of vowels, diphthongs, consonants and semi-vowels. Here, we have included the most important basic information about articulation of sounds, while presenting it in a way that is understandable to every user.

Moreover, in each chapter we have added detailed descriptions of the sounds, which consist of three elements:

  • The way a vowel is pronounced,
  • A description of the places where the sound appears in words (with examples),
  • Typical mistakes made in its pronunciation.

We hope that, thanks to these elements, learning correct English pronunciation will be even more effective. We encourage you to practice the pronunciation of sounds step by step, following the instructions in the descriptions.

New content is available in English.