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  • SuperMemo Language Interfaces

    National language interfaces for SuperMemo for Windows

  • SuperMemo 6/7 import filter
    SuperMemo 8/98/99/2000/2002/2004


    If you want to import files from SuperMemo 7 to newer SuperMemo, use File : (Tools :) Import : SuperMemo 6 or 7. Before that you have to put the file sm7imprt.exe in your SuperMemo's BIN subfolder.


    • Do not run sm7imprt.exe on its own; this program has no effect as a standalone.
    • SuperMemo 2006 and later no longer support import from SuperMemo 6 or SuperMemo 7. Use SuperMemo 2004 freeware (see left) to make the conversion. Please make the conversion before you move to 64-bit Windows. sm7import.exe is a 16-bit application and will no longer work in newer Windows.