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Kurs języka angielskiego Olive Green

Olive Green

Experience the world’s most award-winning English course!

Olive Green kurs języka angielskiego

Olive Green is a comprehensive English language course based on an interactive, full-length action movie. Its scope includes 5 levels of proficiency – from beginner A1 to advanced C1 – and 6400 exercises.
The main character of the movie is Olive Green – a beautiful and dangerous art thief who sets off on a journey to complete her next mission. The action is divided into 60 scenes and the language level increases as the story develops, so you can start learning from scratch. However, if you already speak some English, you can start your language learning at the appropriate stage and watch the previous scenes just for pleasure (and to get to know the characters, of course!). You can check your level first with the help of our free English proficiency test.
The Olive Green English course is not only about practice and film, but also consists of mini-games, puzzles and interactive story choices that enrich your everyday learning!
You can find out more about Olive Green and behind the scenes of the course on the blog.
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The awards won by Olive Green

  • New York Festivals World’s
    Best TV & Film 2016
    Gold World Medal

  • The London Book Fair
    International Excellence
    Awards 2016

  • BETT
    Awards 2016

  • Cannes Corporate
    Media and TV Awards 2016
    Gold Dolphin Winner

  • International Film
    & Video Festival 2015
    Gold Camera Winner

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Olive Green kurs angielskiego w postaci filmu

The course is based on a three-hour interactive action movie which is divided into 60 episodes for the learners’ convenience. Olive Green the Movie is a participatory spectacle in which you decide how the action unfolds, supporting the characters in their quests, solving puzzles and mini-games.
While watching the film, you are in constant contact with the authentic, living, modern English language. This will prepare you for communication with native speakers of English, even in everyday situations where the most common ‘real-life’ language is used.
After watching each episode, you will have the opportunity to do exercises based on the dialogues you have just studied. The tasks have been prepared so that the level of difficulty increases with the development of the plot. With Olive Green you can learn English from the most basic level (A1) up to advanced (C1).
The exercises are diversified and develop all aspects of language skills – vocabulary, listening comprehension, communication skills and practical grammar usage.

Olive Green kurs angielskiego w postaci filmu

Olive Green kurs angielskiego w postaci filmu

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Olive Green Course in Numbers

  • Olive Green A1-C1
    5 levels of advancement (A1-C1)
  • Olive Green ćwiczenia
    6400 exercises
  • Olive Green 60 scen
    60 scenes
  • Olive Green 164 minuty filmu
    169 minutes of the movie

Olive Green kurs angielskiego

Olive Green kurs angielskiego

Olive Green kurs angielskiego

Olive Green kurs angielskiego

Olive Green kurs angielskiego

Interactive learning experience

Olive Green is much more than a language course or an action movie! It is an interactive educational experience that will enable you to immerse yourself in the English language and become involved in an exciting plot.
The diverse interactive elements of the course make learning an engaging and essential part of your day as you move through each new episode with curiosity and pleasure.
Types of interactive exercises
  • Kurs angielskiego Olive Green ćwiczenia
    Choose the next move
  • Kurs angielskiego Olive Green ćwiczenia
    Pairing up cards
  • Kurs angielskiego Olive Green ćwiczenia
    Puzzle solving
  • Kurs angielskiego Olive Green ćwiczenia
    Quick time events
london The London Book Fair International Excellence Awards 2016 Jury

„An exciting art heist thriller that uses story to teach English.”


„It’s a totally different kind of learning, without poring over the books, manuals, which often discourage us with their systems. The SuperMemo courses are an innovative way of learning languages.”

ekosystem @Etnosystem

„If you are planning a holiday abroad – SuperMemo will be a great companion. You can learn a language before your vacation, and you can also improve your language skills in a very simple, modern and enjoyable way during your trip. Most of all, SuperMemo is great fun :)”

bettaward The Jury of the BETT Awards 2016

„The judges saw this as a very engaging app with a good main character and a range of student activities. Good for self study as well as a group and simple to use.”

filmivideo Lee Gluckman, President of the US International Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles

„What you have created in the framework of your business to improve education and language studies I think has really been way out of the curve.”

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