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Would you like to learn the basics of English, Spanish, German or French? Do you enjoy using visuals while studying? Are you ready to try a new approach to learning a language without any translation? Submerge yourself in our extraordinary series of OK! courses.

With the OK! series of courses, you will be able to master 500 crucial words and expressions in one of the four languages that we have available for you. All this in as little as 2 months, if you surrender to the SuperMemo method and study regularly, that is 🙂

The course is based on what we like to call the PHOTOmethod; in other words, it consists in learning a language through carefully selected and edited images. The pictures that we have prepared in the courses make it possible to get rid of any translations; you will be able to immerse in English, Spanish, French or German completely.

What is more, this approach allows you to think and speak the foreign language right from the start, it activates logical thinking, making associations and building hypotheses. It is a very natural and effective way of studying a language, and even more, it guarantees fast results and prepares you for engaging in real-life communication later on.

You will find yourself in as many as 67 different communication situations divided into 5 main chapters: Aboard a plane, In the city, Entertainment, Problems, and On the beach. The course, images and sounds will teach you how to check in at the airport, communicate with the crew and other passengers, check in at a hotel, take a taxi or bus ride, order at a café or restaurant, talk about your hobbies, ask someone out, explore a city, buy some medicines, pay a fine, fill up at a petrol station, report a theft, go to the beach and set out on a trip.

You think it is too good to be true? Simply sign up for OK! English, OK! Español, OK! Deutsch or OK! Français and see how quickly you can learn.

Alicja Jankowiak