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How will SuperMemo support you in learning a foreign language at school?

SuperMemo at school

The summer holidays are the time when we recharge our batteries and get the energy and inspiration to act, mainly thanks to travelling and the people we meet along the way. It is this energy and inspiration that makes September the perfect time to take up new challenges such as learning a new language. Charged with the sun, we feel ambitious and ready for action! Soaked with the smells, sounds and tastes of foreign countries, we are eager to grab a textbook, and even grammar does not seem so terrible. So, how can you not waste your holiday enthusiasm and get as much out of it as possible?

Help for students and teachers – SuperMemo

For most of us, the first approach to language learning took place at school. Almost every student each year returns to classes with enthusiasm, promising themselves that they will certainly make more progress in the upcoming school or college year. Such statements usually fade quickly, especially in the face of a multitude of duties and additional activities. Even if foreign language teachers approach their work with passion and commitment, trying to inspire the whole class, they have to face many obstacles themselves. Overcrowded classrooms, the inability to approach each pupil individually, or the limitations imposed by tests and exams that do not support the actual acquisition and use of a foreign language.

However, there are ways to get real results in language learning. One of them is SuperMemo – an application for learning foreign languages, which is also an online platform. In addition to Spanish or German, it offers a range of other language courses (19 in total), from A1 to C2 level.

From kindergarten to career – courses for students of all ages

SuperMemo is a great solution for the youngest children, who can learn a language through play, for example, using Memo the Dragon courses with colourful, interactive boards. It’s also a brilliant aid for teenagers who need support to improve their test performance. For them, SuperMemo has, among many other things, a selection of grammar courses, for example German, where tenses can be a real nightmare, or Subjuntivo in Spanish.

Wondering how to prepare for a Spanish language test?

The No Problem Grammar series, is a combination of a clearly presented theory of Spanish grammar, and many other languages, with practical exercises. No student will lose sleep over any language test. With SuperMemo, even grammar becomes easier. No Problem language courses will meet the needs of everyone who wants to learn a foreign language in a comprehensive way. They can be a good introduction to learning, a means of improving skills and qualifications, help with revision of material before a larger exam, or even before another holiday abroad.

From grammar to pronunciation – what else does SuperMemo offer?

The ability to correctly apply grammar rules is undeniably important, however, what is even more crucial is mastering the vocabulary of any foreign language. For some, it comes with less effort, but for others it can be a true challenge. Nevertheless, from time to time everyone needs help expanding their vocabulary, as it’s essential for writing interesting essays and other texts, or for solving reading comprehension exercises. In such cases, a series of Extreme courses come in handy. They will allow you to expand your vocabulary, regardless of the level from which you are starting.

However, what if we have to acquire and memorise knowledge quickly, e.g. before a test or exam? How can we learn words as quickly as possible? Unfortunately, the answer is that it is better to learn them at a reasonable pace and at appropriate intervals between repetitions, thus remembering the words for longer, rather than forgetting them a few minutes after completing the test. Thanks to the super useful SuperMemo function to create and edit your own courses, every student can prepare from precisely the material that applies to them. The key to success is learning in series, repetitions and by association. But that does not mean that words cannot be learned quickly. Intensive learning with SuperMemo courses will allow students to get higher grades even if they only start the day before the test.