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Olive’s triumph at The London Book Fair

LBF Award for Olive Green

A night like the one Olive Green let us experience on April 12th during The London Book Fair International Excellence Awards ceremony is a night to remember!

As a shortlisted candidate, we happily joined the auditorium at the Olympia Conference Centre, together with a number of renowned publishers from all around the world, including the US, Australia, Sudan and China, among others, looking forward to hear the jury’s verdict.

With a pounding heart we listened as the shortlisted candidates in the Educational Learning Resources were called out by the gala’s host. What a joyful moment to hear Olive Green announced as the winner in the category! It was an honour to receive the award and a round of applause on stage from the international audience that had truly appreciated our unique project. The trophy was awarded by Ren Jiangzhe (China Publishing and Media Journal) and Robin Hunt (Scholastic Education) to the SuperMemo team represented by Krzysztof Biedalak (CEO), Ela Trubowicz-Golunska (Business Unit Manager, Corporate and Educational Market) and Alicja Jankowiak (Editor-in-Chief and Executive Producer).

Olive Green’s triumph at The London Book Fair is an unprecedented victory for the Polish publishing industry. Now in their third year, the LBF International Excellence Awards had not seen a winner from Poland before. All the more so, this award is truly valuable for SuperMemo World, and confirms our position as an unrivalled leader in innovation, quality and ground-breaking solutions for learning.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to congratulate all the shortlisted candidates at this year’s edition of the awards, including Dwie Siostry, a publishing house from Warsaw, and Conrad Festival, a literary event from Cracow.

May the photos retell best what happened on the night of April 12th at Olympia London.

Alicja Jankowiak

LBF Awards coctail
LBF Awards coctail
Taking seats at LBF Awards
Announcing the winner at LBF awards
On the stage of LBF Awards
On the stage of LBF Awards
Holding the LBF Award
Holding the LBF Award with Jacks Thomas
Holding the LBF Award - the SuperMemo team
The LBF Awards trophy