Celebrate the European Day of Languages with learning!

European Day of Languages

Did you know that:

  • German is the only language in the world in which all the nouns are capitalized?
  • In French the sound “O” can be pronounced in 13 different ways?
  • There are 15 different words for chewing gum in Italian?

There are countless examples of such language trivia, and it means one thing – languages are fascinating. They allow us to meet new people and discover interesting cultures. Learning a foreign language improves memory and…delays brain aging.

The European Day of Languages is coming up soon. That is why we would like to encourage you to start (or motivate you to continue!) your own adventure with a foreign language. From 25th till the end of September 26th we offer 30% off all SuperMemo courses.

How to get your discount?

  • Visit the page for your chosen language course
  • Choose an Unlimited Access option
  • Provide your billing information and enter the discount code: EUROPE2020
  • Click the orange button with an arrow to get a special price
  • Complete your transaction and go to “My learning” to open the course!

The code is valid till 26th September 2020 only, on the SuperMemo.com website.