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How are points counted in the leaderboard?

The leaderboard reflects how much you remember thanks to studying with SuperMemo. Memorize new cards, use the app daily to not miss planned repetitions, and climb the ranks. The leaderboard only considers cards that fall within the scope of material for repetition.

Why are my points decreasing?

Leaderboard points reflect how much you remember. Their decrease is associated with the passage of time, which leads to forgetting acquired knowledge (according to the forgetting curve). Check if you have repetitions to go through. If none, the algorithm will automatically plan them soon, allowing you to make up for lost points. You can also go through new cards, which will give you additional leaderboard points today.

Why are my points increasing?

The increase in leaderboard points is related to the fact that you remember more today than yesterday. If you want to maintain this state, study continuously - work through new cards and do planned repetitions.