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SuperMemo | PowerWords! course | master Norwegian vocab!

PowerWords! Norwegian

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

Course level: 

Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

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Are you interested in learning Norwegian? Maybe you’re already learning it and want to effectively expand your vocabulary? You’re in the right place! Choose the course PowerWords! Norsk and learn thousands of useful Norwegian words – both the basic and popular ones, and those that will enrich your language.

PowerWords! Norsk contains 7,500 headwords and 8,980 meanings. Learning with this Norwegian vocabulary course will help you quickly develop the most important language skills, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. You can use it for self-study or as a complement to other courses, or classes in a language school.


The course PowerWords! Norsk contains additional elements that will allow you to learn not only the meaning of a given word, but also its role and use in the language. Thanks to this, you will be able to quickly use them in practice. These elements include:

  • synonyms and antonyms (for selected headwords),
  • definitions,
  • different meanings of the given headword,
  • information on part of speech.

For most headwords, you will also find examples of use in sentences and phrases used in everyday life. For your learning comfort, they have been translated, partly also with the help of machine translation.

If you also want to master Norwegian vocabulary with pronunciation and overcome the language barrier, be sure to take advantage of such add-ons and features as native speaker recordings, phonetic transcription and the STT speech recognition function, which will allow you speak Norwegian while studying.

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