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Hello! Ukrainian

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Natalia Wajda

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Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

Basics of Ukrainian in images, useful expressions, and phrases from everyday life.

Learn Ukrainian online. Our Ukrainian language course Hello! Українська will help you master over 500 basic Ukrainian phrases in less than 2 months by learning for just a few minutes a day.

Hello! Українська is an image-based Ukrainian course that will help you learn Ukrainian with a wide range of pictures spanning different everyday situations. It covers 51 scenarios for you to master basic Ukrainian expressions and feel comfortable while speaking Ukrainian.

Each lesson features original voice recordings of Ukrainian native speakers to allow you to listen to what the Ukrainian language sounds like, and with the voice recognition feature, you’ll be able to practice Ukrainian pronunciation*. This combination of sight and sound will stimulate your brain and improve retention, helping you learn Ukrainian more effectively.

With SuperMemo’s innovative method of spaced repetition, you can learn anywhere you want and any time you want. Our Ukrainian language course is available on web browsers, Windows computers, and Android and iOS* devices – both online and offline. 


* The speech-to-text (STT) feature is available only on Android devices.

This Ukrainian language course Hello! Українська contains vocabulary and phrases that will be useful in the following situations:

  • Unit 1: check-in at the airport, on-board announcements, ordering meals on an airplane, meeting new people, lost luggage.
  • Unit 2: getting to the hotel, traveling by bus or taxi, booking accommodation, going to a restaurant.
  • Unit 3: interests, seeing friends, cultural events, bicycle trips, picnics.
  • Unit 4: buying medicine, fines, car repairs, gas stations, reporting theft.
  • Unit 5: packing for a day out, going to the beach, diving, short trips.

With our Ukrainian language course for beginners, you will learn basic Ukrainian phrases, including:

  • everyday items
  • food and drinks
  • numbers
  • colors
  • days of the week
  • places
  • jobs
  • nationalities
  • family members
  • weather
  • well-being
  • diseases
  • descriptions of people
  • traveling
  • transportation
  • interests
  • cosmetics
  • auto parts

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