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Natalia Wajda

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Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

Basics of Finnish in images, useful expressions and phrases from everyday life.

The Hello! Suomi course will teach you the basics of Finnish quickly and once and for all. The course is dedicated to people who are interested in learning Finnish from scratch. With a daily intake of the designated material, less than two months are needed to learn more than 500 of the most useful Finnish phrases.

Thanks to the well-known SuperMemo method, which will plan the most effective learning schedule for you, your acquisition of knowledge will be faster and more effective than working with traditional methods. The algorithm will not let you forget the newly learned words and phrases in Finnish.

Hello! Suomi is a picture-based course. Illustrations support the process of remembering and enable learning without translations into your native language. You will master the basic Finnish phrases that will allow you to communicate in this language. The course includes 51 situations frequently encountered while travelling or in simple contact with Finns.

All of the basic phrases in Finnish are recorded by native speakers to help you in learning the right pronunciation right away. Speech Recognition also gives you the opportunity to practice it. With this course, in a very short time, you will master the basics of Finnish – you will start to think and speak in this new language with no problems.

After finishing the Hello! Suomi course you will be able to communicate in the following interactive situations:

  • Unit 1: checking in at the airport, flying by plane, reporting lost luggage.
  • Unit 2: getting around, on public transport and in taxis, organizing accommodation, having meals in a restaurant.
  • Unit 3: discussing ways of spending free time, meeting friends, in a museum, on a bike ride, having a picnic.
  • Unit 4: describing illnesses, getting parking tickets, refuelling your car, fixing problems with your car, reporting thefts.
  • Unit 5: preparing for trips, going to the beach, going diving, going on excursions outside the city.

The course contains basic phrases in Finnish relating to:

  • human body
  • feelings and emotions
  • describing physical appearances
  • weather conditions
  • everyday objects
  • food
  • nationalities
  • professions
  • family and relatives
  • sightseeing
  • colours
  • vehicles
  • health and beauty
  • numbers
  • hotel rooms
  • sports
  • days of the week.

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