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An English vocabulary course preparing for the BEC exam

Prepare for your BEC (B2 Business) exam!

The BEC Words course is aimed at learners with intermediate knowledge of English. With the course, provided that you learn 30 new items a day, you will be able to prepare your vocabulary skills for the Cambridge Business English Certificate (B2 Business) exam at Preliminary, Vantage and Higher levels in about 6 months. The BEC Words course is a wordlist of over 5,000 vocabulary items most frequent used during BEC (B2 Business) exams. It contains glossary required for the BEC (B2 Business) exam. It is a selection of entries from the Extreme English: Intermediate series of courses.

About the BEC Words course

The BEC Words course contains over 5,000 English words and exercises designed to teach vocabulary in the most effective and permanent way. For each vocabulary item, you will find:

  • its definition
  • two sample sentences that show how the word is used in context
  • information about the part of speech
  • synonyms and collocations (if there are any)
  • a photo
  • native speakers' recordings for both the definition and key word.
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The course has been prepared for candidates planning to take the BEC (B2 Business) exam. The BEC Words course not only helps you to learn, but also motivates you to be systematic, and in this way you will achieve great results in the exam! The course is useful for all the learners of English who would like to master the basics in short time. BEC Words is an excellent supplement to other SuperMemo courses, as well as for self-learners and students at schools at elementary level.

About the Cambridge Business English Certificate (B2 Business) exam

The Business English Certificate is one of the most prestigious certificates that have a direct impact on your job opportunities. With the BEC (B2 Business) certificate you can prove your advanced level of business English.

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