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Would you like to learn the basics of English, Spanish, German or French? Do you enjoy using visuals while studying? Are you ready to try a new approach to learning a language without any translation? Submerge yourself in our extraordinary series of OK! courses.
Recently, we have received several enquires about the import and export functions in
In the app we decided to coin and use a new MemoCard term. What we mean by MemoCard is a chunk of information, usually in the form of a question and an answer, used for memorizing in the process of repetition optimized by SuperMemo.
The finalists for the Bett Awards 2016 have been announced, and, most importantly, SuperMemo’s “Olive Green” is among them! Our “Olive Green” apps for Android, iOS and Windows PC have been shortlisted for the final stage of the competition in the Educational Apps category. We are very proud that Bett experts have noticed and rewarded our project with their prestigious nomination.
Thank you all for your first remarks and enquiries regarding beta Apart from other things, we will also use this blog to comment on general issues arising from your messages. Here’s the first one.
A couple of days ago we introduced the of vocabulary courses that make it possible for you to learn 25,000 words in four different languages.
As autumn comes this time of year in the northern hemisphere, days become shorter and the weather is gloomy.
One of the first SuperMemo courses to be offered at is the highly popular and extensive Extreme series. With 25,000 items in each of the 4 languages available in the series, the Extreme courses comprise a massive set for building and mastering your vocabulary in English, Spanish, German and French.
One of its kind among English courses ever created, “Olive Green” now enters the catalogue of publications offered by SuperMemo at
If you would like to learn fast and remember forever, then you have come to the best site in the world. There are millions of current and past users of SuperMemo. You might be one of them.