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Young Learners: new English courses for kids aged 7-12

screenshot from Young Learners English

New in our course catalogue! The Young Learners series of English courses for kids. Read on to learn more about this latest publication, its structure, objectives and content.

The Young Learners series of three English courses include: Start with English (ages 7-8), Move with English (9-10) and Fly with English (11-12). These interactive courses were created strictly according to the requirements for the Cambridge YLE exam as far as vocabulary and grammar are concerned. Children learn 550 words and 60 structures and grammar topics through engaging scenes (45 in total) that include amusing animations and native speakers’ recordings. After each introductory scene, a set of over 2,300 diverse interactive exercises in total awaits the young student.

The Young Learners

Chapters also contain grammar comments based on pictures and sample sentences, as well as a section with dialogues that put grammar in context. The series is aimed at self-learners and can be used by students on their own, without the need to be assisted by a teacher or parent, or it can be used as a supplementary resource in the classroom, with lesson plans that accompany the courses and can help teachers apply the products in their teaching practice. Learning is based on discovery and play and is made extremely effective with spaced repetition scheduled automatically by the SuperMemo method. The courses are available in the acclaimed learning system online, and PC Windows, Android and iOS apps.

English courses for kids

The series combines the requirements for the Cambridge YLE exam (by introducing the vocabulary and grammar as per each exam level) with fully interactive content developed and based on rich visuals, essential for effective learning by children. The courses contain a total of 45 diverse scenes covering crucial topics for young learners (Alphabet, Colours, Numbers, Animals etc.), all equipped with engaging and amusing animations of 550 keywords introduced scene by scene, as well as a special dialogue screen in each chapter where the words are clickable again to reveal dialogues hidden behind them to put grammar in context. The vocabulary and 60 grammar topics, as well as over 2,300 exercises included in the series, are recorded by native speakers to expose the young students to correct British English pronunciation.

Try it out now! We hope you and your children or young students will enjoy it 🙂

Alicja Jankowiak