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Perform your English level test online

Perform your English level test online

Do you want to start Olive Green English course? Do not know at what level to start learning English? Take the free English level test online and start your learning at the level you currently are.

How to take your English placement test?

  • Click here,
  • Log in to your account (if you do not have one yet, register).
  • Read the manual and answer all the questions. You have 35 minutes to do this. At the bottom you will see a progress bar.
  • When your English level test is over, click on “Finish” and check your score.

After your online English placement test has been completed, a new “Tests” tab will appear in your user account, where you will find your test and your last score.

You can do this English language test as many times as you like to check your progress regularly. Just click on the three dots on the test bar (it’s in the top right-hand corner) and use the “Perform the test again” option.