Olive Green: An update with new content and translations

Olive Green

October 2016 starts with an update for our “Olive Green” course of English. Apart from a new set of translations into Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, we have also prepared a new section in each lesson which contains a presentation page with cultural trivia.

Here are some more details about the update:

  • The course has been supplemented with 60 new pages, one per scene. The section has been added as the last page in each lesson and is featured under “Cultural trivia” in the table of contents. Most importantly, it includes cultural comments whose aim is to help the learner understand some interesting aspects or references from the film scene or interactive dialogue better, and familiarize the learner with the culture of the UK and U.S. For example, a selection of proper names will be explained, as well as how to behave in certain situations, how to manage different units of measurement or currency, or how life is organized in English-speaking countries, among others. Each comment is equipped with a picture and voice recording by a native speaker. 
Olive Green update
  • Our Spanish-speaking learners who use “Olive Green” will be happy to hear that we have added more translations into Spanish in the course. You will find the new translations in the Dialogue vocabulary section, where both the keywords and sample sentences are now supplemented with a translation into Spanish, similarly to the Vocabulary section that includes the words and expressions from the film scene. 
  • Last but not least, we have added a completely new interface language to the interface: Brazilian Portuguese. It is now available for our users in film subtitles, the True or false section and the Vocabulary section (for words only).
olive green update

We hope you will enjoy learning with “Olive Green” even more now!