My adventure with SuperMemo – Julia Wojtkowiak

Julia Wojtkowiak

Today’s interview is with a very unusual and interesting person. Julia Wojtkowiak is a 16 year old who, at the age of 10, left school and started to learn her own way. She is a teenage writer (from poems to short stories) and blogger. Discover her story with SuperMemo!

When did your adventure with SuperMemo start?

One exceptionally sunny day in 2018… I was thirteen then, I did not go to school, I was discovering alternative learning solutions. When I had just 1,000 followers on my site, people from SuperMemo were some of the very few willing to collaborate with me, which is why I appreciate their presence so much now. They cared about supporting young and active social media bloggers, without worrying about the number of their followers. I really appreciated that!

How has SuperMemo helped you?

You know, originally learning was supposed to help children in their lives. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice anything like that at school. But after I left, I was rejuvenated. The natural desire to discover the world returned. SuperMemo is not an improved way of doing boring school assignments, it’s a companion in my life.

What are you currently learning?

The seven subjects that are included in the core curriculum of the second year of high school. I’m so happy I could choose what to focus on, although I’m not complaining about the total of fourteen subjects either, it is good to discover things… I’m doing extended Polish, biology, social studies and history, as well as maths, English and Spanish. But, in addition, there are also a million other, often unidentified topics, ranging from experiencing from nature to my own thoughts, and ending with gaining knowledge from people who do something interesting in life. And when it comes to SuperMemo – English, which I know will be very useful for me to broaden my horizons, travel further, meet people from outside Poland, read more ambitious books… and Spanish, which for me is the most beautiful of all the languages ​​that I could have chosen as my additional language at the beginning of junior high… I also like Italian and French, and sometimes I also look at Chinese, haha!

What are your language plans?

I would like to learn the basics of Italian, French and Chinese, and specialise in English and Spanish. Dreams!

What does your day with SuperMemo look like?

It’s always different. Sometimes I get into Olive Green for a few hours, and sometimes I spend a little bit of time doing English grammar during breaks while writing a book.

What advice would you give to other users?

It’s your life, use it as you like. I shouldn’t give advice, after all – I’m just a teenager.

What do you think is the secret to effective learning?

I don’t think there is one. Life depends on our decisions and we decide what we spend our time on.