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Intensive vocabulary learning at every proficiency level. Discover the Extreme course series!

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Expand your vocabulary effectively and permanently. Choose the language you want to learn, select the right level for you, and tailor your learning to your preferences. What makes the Extreme vocabulary courses stand out? Find out by reading the following article.

Who are the Extreme courses designed for?

The Extreme series courses are focused on vocabulary expansion, making them an ideal supplement to comprehensive or grammatical courses. They are particularly useful as supplementary material for language exams, like Cambridge English, where vocabulary knowledge is a key assessment component.

Additionally, these courses are valuable for anyone looking to better understand the language they’re learning. Their aim is to enrich vocabulary with more sophisticated, interesting, and precise terms.

What languages can you learn with Extreme courses?

Our selection includes vocabulary courses for:

For each of these languages, you can find courses at levels A1-A2 (basic), B1-B2 (intermediate), and advanced levels C1 and C2.

What does learning with the Extreme course look like?

Extreme courses focus on intensive vocabulary learning through the SuperMemo method. The exercises involve learning a definition (along with translations, sentence examples, synonyms, etc.) and matching it with the specific word that fits that meaning. In the tasks, you can use the voice recognition function (microphone icon), type your answer using the keyboard (after enabling this option in the course settings), or simply say it out loud and select an emoticon that represents your level of word retention (“know”, “don’t know”, or “almost”).

Extreme course - example
Example from the course Español Extremo: Básico

How to configure exercises in the course?

In the Extreme series courses, you can configure and tailor exercises to your learning style and preferences. Below are the available options and an explanation of how they change your course experience.

Word order in the course

The first important configuration option can be found by clicking the symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen. This opens a menu where you can choose the order in which words appear in the course: by popularity or by category.

Word order in the course

Choosing sorting by popularity means you start learning the most frequently used words in the language first. Gradually, you will move on to rarer, more refined, or specialized words.

On the other hand, sorting by category means you’ll learn words according to their thematic relevance. Here, you’ll find categories such as animals, nature, travel, relationships, interests, technology, art, travel, etc.

You can change the order of word appearance in the course at any time to find out which method suits you best.

Exercise configuration

To find the exercise settings in the course, click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Then select the “Exercise configuration” option.

excercise configuration in extreme course
Go to Excercise configuration

The next step involves choosing from the available options based on individual needs. You can also decide if the settings should be applied to the entire course, just this page (specific word), or the entire course except for pages with individual settings.

Question configuration

In configuring questions, we can decide which of the following elements to include during learning:

  • Translation of the word.
  • Definition with part of speech – highlighted in bold font, which is the one to match the answer to.
  • Recording of the definition – spoken by a native speaker, helps practice listening comprehension and pronunciation.
  • Example with a gap – helps place the word in a sentence context; the completed example appears after checking the answer (clicking the appropriate face: know, don’t know, or almost).
  • Add-ons (e.g., synonyms).
  • Input field – choose whether to type the answer on the keyboard or prefer the speech recognition function (microphone icon on the screen).
  • Photo – some entries in the course feature images related to the word’s meaning, making it easier to form associations.

If there’s a star (*) next to a setting, it indicates not every exercise in the course contains that element.

Question configuration in extreme course
Question configuration

Response configuration

Similar to the exercise settings, you can also configure your responses. You have the option to choose from the following elements:

  • The word along with its part of speech,
  • A recording of the term,
  • Examples,
  • Add-ons (such as collocations).
answers configuration in extreme course
Answers configuration

After selecting the desired settings, click “Save.” All the changes you’ve made will immediately be applied to your course.

Now you know how to easily customize your learning with the Extreme course to suit your preferences.

Learn the way you like with SuperMemo. Choose a vocabulary course from the Extreme series!

English, German, French, or Spanish language learning awaits you.