Olive Green

Olive Green

Published by SuperMemo World
Author: Magdalena Warżała-Wojtasiak, Wojciech Wojtasiak; Marta Borowiak-Dostatnia, Marcin Mortka, Monika Glińska
Course type Paid
Total items 6470
Language of instruction English, Polish, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Argentine)
Category English

Learning English at home can be interesting, enjoyable and effective! Learn more about the best-selling, comprehensive Olive Green English course based on an interactive action movie. It covers 5 levels from beginner A1 to advanced C1 and includes 6400 different exercises.

Don't want to start from scratch? No problem! You can start learning at any stage. If you are not sure what level you are, take the English language level test!

The basis of the course is a 3-hour action movie. It is divided into 60 scenes, 12 for each level. The characters’ dialogues have been designed in such a way that with the development of the plot, the level of difficulty of the language issues increases as well.

The main character, Olive Green, is a talented art thief. While learning with our English course, you will follow her on her next mission.

After watching each episode of the movie, you will do a series of exercises developing many aspects of foreign language skills: listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. Do you want to know more? See exactly how to learn with Olive Green.

The Olive Green interactive English course will provide you with additional entertainment in the form of mini-games, puzzles and action forks in the plot line, where you will decide on the course of the story and watch how your choice has influenced the fate of the characters and the success of the mission.

Try the world's most award-winning English language course and see how easy and enjoyable it can be to learn English online!

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