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German for Travel

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Are you an English speaker looking for a concise German phrasebook? With the German for Travel course, you will learn 800 most basic German expressions that are useful for every tourist. The course comprises 800 typical words, phrases and sentences that will help you communicate in German in the most important everyday situations during your stay abroad, be it for pleasure, studies or business.
First, you familiarize yourself with a presentation that shows a selection of new expressions, together with German recordings and translations into English. Then, you practice the new material in simple question-and-answer exercises. Our German phrasebook for English speakers is fully equipped with recordings by German native speakers in both exercises and presentations, and supplemented with English recordings in all the exercises.
The German for Travel course is divided into 4 main chapters:
•    Basic expressions (e.g. greetings, introductions and numbers)
•    Travelling (e.g. going through the procedures at the airport, buying a ticket at the railway station, renting a car, travelling by taxi)
•    Accommodation (e.g. checking in and out at the hotel, visiting a camping)
•    Food (e.g. ordering food at a café or restaurant, booking a table, and understanding the menu)

The learning process in our German phrasebook is based on the excellent, multiple award-winning SuperMemo method of spaced repetition. With SuperMemo, each course item is repeated at time intervals that are adjusted to your individual rhythm and progress in learning.