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Effective learning English vocabulary on the proficient level is a challenge. If your goal is to actively use very sophisticated English vocabulary then you at the right place. The “Extreme English: Proficiency” course will help you acquire 5,000 new English words for ever. Thanks to the renowned SuperMemo algorithm it is possible to minimise the time necessary for learning and to maintain the learnt content permanently with almost 100% accuracy.

With the "Extreme English Proficiency" course you will be able to master vocabulary at the highest level, comparable with the requirements for the most advanced international exams: Cambridge English: Proficiency (formerly known as Certificate of Proficiency in English – CPE), Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

In spite of being intensive, learning with the "Extreme English: Proficiency" courses is not overloading. With 20 minutes of learning a day, you will be able to notice your progress at developing your scope of vocabulary. Such a result is possible because the program can adjust to your individual language skills and time availability in an optimum way.

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Features of the course

  • You will learn 5,000 English words on the proficient level.
  • Each word is equipped with a definition, example of use, synonyms, collocations, and voice recordings, making the online course a full-featured learner’s dictionary.
  • The words are ordered by frequency, starting with the most important.
  • Model voice recordings made by British native speakers give you the best opportunity to acquire the proper English pronunciation and accent.
  • You can practice your pronunciation with speech recognition function.
  • The SuperMemo algorithm cares for your systematized and optimal learning, rewarding your efforts with maximum effects.
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