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Dutch: Fast Track for Beginners

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Published by SuperMemo World
Author: Karolina Kononowicz
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A course that will get you started speaking Dutch at basic level.

Both the Netherlands, renowned for clogs, bikes and cheese, and Flanders, known for the splendid art of painting attract tourists and business people. To take full advantage of the local attractions and business contacts, you might want to be able to communicate in Dutch. This course will help you master the basics of Dutch in a useful way: you will learn some basic grammar and vocabulary, as well as acquire basic knowledge about the Netherlands and the Flanders.

The learning is assisted by the world-known SuperMemo method of spaced repetition. Thanks to the SuperMemo algorithm, you will learn faster and remember what you have learnt for good.

Features of the course:

  • 40 short dialogues or texts and cultural comments based in the contemporary Dutch reality and context
  • Thanks to the conversational approach of the course, you will be able to speak basic Dutch from the first lesson
  • All the recordings in the course are by Dutch native speakers so you will acquire the right pronunciation
  • The 2,500 exercises supported by the SuperMemo method are focused on practical vocabulary and phrases that are ready to use
  • Speech recognition function (available in mobile apps) to help you master the right pronunciation

To access the Polish version of this course, please go to Niderlandzki. Szybki start.

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What you will learn:

  • Greetings
  • Polite expressions
  • Dates and age
  • Time
  • Offers
  • Telephone conversations
  • Family
  • Nationalities
  • Work
  • Education
  • Hobby
  • My day
  • Activities
  • Expressing opinions
  • At the market
  • Food
  • At the restaurant, at the café
  • Colours and forms
  • Clothes
  • Everyday objects
  • Shopping
  • Computers
  • Appearance
  • Character and emotions
  • At the doctor’s, at the pharmacy
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