Business English: Business communication Business communication

Business English: Business communication

Business communication

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Author: Magdalena Warżała-Wojtasiak, Wojciech Wojtasiak
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Business English course covering such topics as reports, meetings, business mail.

Learning with the "Business English: Business communication" course will enable you to quickly master useful modern business vocabulary. Lessons are based on videos that present everyday situations typical for the world of business, and include practical exercises supported by the SuperMemo method. Thanks to this combination you will be able to actively use your newly gained language skills in real life soon after you start working with the course.

Subjects in the "Business English: Business communication" course:

  • Formal correspondence
  • Handling complaints / informal correspondence
  • Memos and reports
  • Telephone conversations
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Business trips

Business English series:

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All those subjects are presented using videos created especially for the course. Each lesson contains a text module (to allow you to practise the reading and listening skills) and an exercise module to check your learning progress.

Working with a course:

  • Watch videos and get to know the content
  • Read and listen to dialogues and texts
  • Check your understanding of the material
  • Revise and retain it
  • Increase your business know-how

Working with the program for approximately 30 minutes a day is enough to master the entire course’s content within 6 weeks. Mastering it allows you to communicate freely in a variety of business situations. Thanks to the SuperMemo method you will soon learn and permanently remember over 300 useful and up-to-date business English expressions.

Who is the "Business English: Business communication" course for?

The course is targeted at intermediate learners of English. Every person who needs English at work will appreciate the diversity of the course materials, as well as the effectiveness and ease of studying with them. If you are a manager, a sales specialist, a consultant or an assistant responsible for the contacts abroad, and you have to communicate fluently to succeed in your professional life, this is a course for you. Also, the "Business English: Business communication" course is of great help in preparation for the Cambridge BEC and telc BE exams.

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