Français Extrême : Élémentaire Élémentaire

Français Extrême : Élémentaire


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French vocabulary learning for beginners.

With the online “Français Extrême : Élémentaire” course, you will be able to learn 3,002 basic French words and expressions. Mastering this vocabulary range enables you to communicate easily at the beginner level. You will be able to understand the spoken and written French, and talk about basic everyday topics.

Your learning is supported by the world-known SuperMemo algorithm that enables you to learn faster and retain more information in your memory. SuperMemo schedules your revisions so that you concentrate on things you have problems with and do not waste your time on things you already remember well.

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Features of the course

  • Absolute focus on vocabulary: 3,002 basic French words and expressions.
  • To help you learn with success, we illustrated all words with a picture and examples of use in two sentences.
  • No translation into your native language is necessary because the meaning of the word is described in a simple way.
  • The vocabulary has been translated into such languages as English, Polish, German and Spanish.
  • You start learning with the most common words, and continue with more advanced ones as the course progresses.
  • All words and expressions have been illustrated with model recordings made by French native speakers – you will learn perfect French pronunciation.
  • You can practice it with speech recognition function.
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