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You may be familiar with those serrated sets of forgetting curves characteristic of spaced repetition. The picture has been made popular by the article in Wired. That picture has been wrongly attributed to Hermann Ebbinghaus ever since.
One of the users of SuperMemo asked: Do you approve of the use of SuperMemo algorithms in other software such as Anki? Are there any permission/copyright issues with Anki basing its software on your algorithm? At SuperMemo World, we are proud to boast the world’s first implementations of spaced repetition algorithms with the use of computers back in 1987.
The Repeat mode is getting more and more attention from our SuperMemo.com users. Here are some more questions that we have been asked. We hope that our replies will be helpful for you.
We have just been asked by one of our users about ready-made flashcards to learn French: Would be nice to have ready-made flashcards with audio and English translation for blitz review and two-way translation - any chance to see that happen? Of course! It is already happening :)
One of our SuperMemo.com users who joined the service recently has addressed us with questions about the repetition process and the buttons that SuperMemo uses for assessment:
Recently, the following message with questions about dream incubation and lucid dreaming has been addressed to Piotr Woźniak:
SuperMemo 16 uses a concept called incremental reading. We claim that incremental reading can be used to creatively come up with new ideas. We claim that incremental reading can be used to creatively come up with new ideas.
Recently, a SuperMemo user has approached us with the following question: I've been using SuperMemo for Windows every day for almost 5 years, starting with version 14 and then through to the current version (16.1). …surely the desktop version [16+] of SuperMemo will continue to be developed separately? It's currently(!) the only implementation of incremental reading there is…
Recently, we have received several enquires about the import and export functions in SuperMemo.com.
Thank you all for your first remarks and enquiries regarding beta SuperMemo.com. Apart from other things, we will also use this blog to comment on general issues arising from your messages. Here’s the first one.