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Hello! Dansk

Выдано SuperMemo World
Автор: Natalia Wajda
Тип курса Платные
Количество страниц 1392
Язык пояснений английский, польский, испанский, немецкий, русский, чешский, португальский, французский, китайский, итальянский
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Learn the basics of the Danish language with Hello! Dansk. This course should be your choice if you want to learn Danish quickly and easily from scratch. If you cover the material and do the scheduled repetitions every day, in less than 60 days you will master over 500 basic expressions and words in Danish.

Thanks to the innovative SuperMemo method, you will not only quickly learn new words and phrases, but also fix them in your memory forever. Our algorithm plans repetitions of the presented material, enhancing your natural memorization processes.

Hello! Dansk is a picture-based course. Thanks to this, it is possible to learn even without translations – just look at the illustrations to understand the meanings and contexts of new words and phrases at a basic level. In addition, the friendly and photographic form of the course accelerates learning – the vast majority of people are visual learners and will thus acquire the knowledge in the fastest way possible.

The course allows you to learn basic Danish phrases which are useful in everyday life. It will teach you how to communicate in the 70 most useful interaction situations.

Hello! Dansk contains recordings made by Danish native speakers, to facilitate your study of the correct pronunciations and accent. You will also be able to practice pronouncing the words yourself, thanks to the in-built speech recognition facility.

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