Olive Green

Olive Green

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Autor: Magdalena Warżała-Wojtasiak, Wojciech Wojtasiak; Marta Borowiak-Dostatnia, Marcin Mortka, Monika Glińska
Tipo de curso Pago
Total de itens 6470
Idioma de instruções Inglês , Polaco , Alemão , Francês , Russo , Espanhol , Italiano , Chinês , Coreano , Português (Brasileiro)
Categoria Inglês

Olive Green is a ground-breaking combination of a full-feature interactive action film, a game and an English course that opens a brand new chapter in what is referred to as “edutainment”. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art course to learn English on 5 different levels, from the beginner A1 up to the proficient C1 level, Olive Green is a perfect solution for you. With the Olive Green course, you can learn in the monolingual English mode, or you can choose an interface in your native language from the following list: Spanish (European or Argentinian), Portuguese (Brazil), Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Russian, German, French, Polish and Korean.

The basic layer is a nearly 3 hours long feature movie about a US thief who takes up a new mission. The film is divided into 60 scenes, with 12 scenes corresponding to each of the 5 levels. The film dialogues introduce the most important vocabulary and language structures that you will later practice in the English course. As you watch each scene, you will come across various types of games, such as plot forks (decision points), memory games and dexterity tasks. By playing the games you will keep yourself highly motivated, as you will rescue the protagonists, help them make important decisions, try diverse strategies and see the consequences of your choices.

More to the point – Olive Green will help you learn English fast and easy, because it is a comprehensive film-based English course that boasts over 6,400 exercises altogether.

First, you will tackle some true-or-false questions to see how well you understood what happened in the film scene that you have just watched. Then, you will develop your vocabulary by practising some of the most important words and expressions from the movie. After that, it is time for some grammar, which comes in the form of a selection of exercises of various types, such as gap filling, multiple choice tests, drag-and-drop, scrambled words, paraphrasing and matching.

For each exercise, you will be able to access language explanations that provide even more examples of use of a given grammatical structure. Once done with the grammar, you will have the chance to play with an interactive dialogue where you will find yourself in a real-life communication context.

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