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Hello! Norsk

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Do you dream about visiting Scandinavia? Would you like to see the beauty of the fiords and the Preikestolen cliff with your own eyes? Then learn the basics of Norwegian quickly and in an easy way! Our Hello! Norsk course will enable anyone to learn Norwegian from scratch. This Norwegian language course for beginners can be completed in less than two months. In this short time, you will learn over 500 of the most useful Norwegian phrases.

Your normal learning process can be made even more effective. Essential to this will be the SuperMemo method, which is known all over the world, and which optimizes the repetition time of newly acquired material to ensure that you remember it for good.

Hello! Norsk is a fully image-based course. The illustrations support the process of remembering and enable learning without translation of the terms into your own native language. The material includes basic phrases in Norwegian, which will allow you to establish elementary communication in this language. The course contains the words and phrases needed for 70 of the most important interaction situations.

All of the basic phrases in Norwegian are accompanied by pronunciation recordings by native Norwegians, thanks to which you will hear the new language right from the start. And the course’s speech recognition facility also gives you the opportunity to practice it. You will learn the basics of Norwegian very quickly, and the pictorial method adopted means that you will speak and think in the language from the very beginning!

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