Extremes Deutsch 3 Aufbaustufe

Extremes Deutsch 3


Herausgegeben von SuperMemo World
Autor: PolEng sp. z o.o: Christiane Sanders, Aleksandra Zbaraszewska, Marek Antonik
Kursart Kostenpflichtig
Anzahl der Seiten 10125
Sprache der Anweisungen Deutsch
Kategorie Deutsch

With “Extremes Deutsch: Aufbaustufe”, you will be able to remember 10,000 new German words and expressions on the advanced level. This online course is a great complement to all the other ways of studying the German language. It allows you to master words and phrases concerning various topics, for example science and technology, banking, commerce and investment, education, work, industry and many others.

All this is possible thanks to the renowned SuperMemo method, an algorithm of spaced repetition inbuilt in the system. After analysing your goals and abilities, SuperMemo provides you with an optimum learning plan. Research shows that learning with the online course as little as 20 minutes a day can result in acquiring up to 900 new words in a month’s time into your long-term memory.

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