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Deutsch. Rektion is a course in typical German combinations of prepositions with verbs, nouns and adjectives. It serves as excellent help for intermediate, advanced and proficient learners of German who would like to develop their vocabulary scope and expand their linguistic repertoire. Active knowledge of verb, noun and adjective combinations with prepositions in a foreign language reflects your high competence.

The course contains 1,000 German combinations with prepositions divided into three groups (verbs, nouns and adjectives), each starting with the most popular ones, with a high level of frequency in the language, and going up to the most advanced and unusual. Each exercise is a simple question-and-answer task where you need to come up with a German combination of a verb, noun or adjective with a preposition that fits the definition. For some unusual combinations, you will be provided with a sample sentence in the answer mode that shows how to use a given combination in context.

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